Too much money scam

The most popular scam on craigslist is what I call the Too Much Money Scam. A too much money scammer will email you ready to buy whatever you have listed. He will explain how sure he is that he wants to buy your item, and frequently he will ask you to take down your advertisement and consider the item sold.

The price will never be a problem for a scammer, and he will offer too much or explain that he will send more than enough money to cover the cost of shipping or even ask for a refund on his payment. I published an example email of this scam last year, but the nature and details of the situation the buyer presents are always changing.

The trick to the scam is once money is accepted from this stranger, any transaction made after is the account holder’s choice and your responsibility. The scammer delivers money that does not exist in an attempt to get some of it re-routed or cashed and handed to him or a low life associate.

This week a coworker is selling a dirt bike and the first email he got was a too much money scammer wanting him to take down the craigslist ad because he was going to UPS a check right away.

Another coworker was skeptical when a buyer wanted to send him too much money to cover the cost of a “friend coming to pick up the item.” This specific case was not an automotive sale but a pet prop.

The one signal that remains constant in this scam is too much money.

Have you encountered this scam? Learn how to report an online scam.

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