Avoid military/shipping scam USAF Staff Sgt. Amanda Hudson

I’m a single mom that had to quit my job because my company doubled our travel requirements & there was no way for me to manage being away from my little one for 2 weeks every month. I’m currently searching for a new opportunity. I’ve been bummed because we are living in a little lake house but we don’t have a boat & summer is coming.
Last night I found a beautiful pontoon boat on Craigslist for $2,500…figured it was a misprint and reached out for more info. I’m basically broke but just received a large tax return. So, I thought if this was for real I would risk it! I showed my son the picture of this beautiful 21ft red Bennington 2009 pontoon boat. He said, “Oh Mom, We HAVE to get that boat!!!” So I responded to the ad & also sent an email to the email address provided. [email protected]

She replied…


Thank you for your interest in purchasing my 2009 Sedonda Bennington 2075 with trailer. The reason I’m selling this boat way below market value, is because I’m serving in Offutt AFB, Nebraska but I was promoted and transferred to Elmendorf AFB in Anchorage Alaska for a 3 years period, so I don’t need it anymore at this time. I don’t want it get old in my garage, and I need to sell it before April 13th. The boat is in pristine condition, single outboard engine, clear title, no dents or dings. Always garaged, never abused or raced, 90 HP, gas fuel type and 21 feet. If you are interested, it’s still available for sale and the price, as stated in the ad, is $2,500. Let me know if you are interested.

USAF Staff Sgt. Amanda Hudson

I was so excited! Military…sounds trustworthy… female…a little extra trustworthy…moving to Alaska…wants some quick cash…sure.
I was doubtful that someone in the military could afford to take a huge hit on a luxury item like a boat so I started researching what these were actually selling for…about $25k that’s suspicious! I looked up Amanda Hudson on Facebook & found no one in the service. I googled USAF Staff Sgt. Amanda Hudson and these scam warning sites came up!
I’m so disappointed! I really got my hopes up…that this was going to be a huge break for me! ?
I know…if it sounds to good to be true it is… luckily I was smart enough to do some digging…I would never have wired someone money without seeing the boat anyway.

I had already emailed her…/(The heartless theif” in some basement in Turkey somewhere running this huge scam operation)…back asking for pics of the inside & asking where the boat was so I could come see it.

This was the response…

Hi again,

As I’ve told you, at this moment I am in Offutt AFB, NE in a military base. I do a special training program each day, and we are not allowed to use phone line or get out of the unit, during training, otherwise I would have called you and seal the deal on phone. At the moment, email works best for me. The boat is already at our Offutt Air Force Base Library form Offutt AFB, NE sealed and ready to go. The delivery process will be managed by me. I think I can have it there at your home address within 2-3 working days. It will come with a clear title and reg. I am a member of the eBay buyer protection program and using this service you will get a 5 days testing period after delivery. I need to know if you are interested so I can ask eBay to send you the details on this deal. If interested please include in your next email your contact info for eBay (full name, shipping address and phone number), so we can get the ball rolling.

Thank you!

My questions…

1. Why is she advertising in Jackson, MI is she is in Nebraska?

2. I never have her my phone number why would she suggest she would have called.

3. What does ebay have to do with any of this?

What a heartless piece of crap!!!

Please avoid this military/shipping scam!!!!