Truck rip-off on Offer Up

We found a 2008 F3 50 truck with all mean 89,000 miles on it on offer up. The writer said that her mother was selling it, and we received an email from Anna Morgan and see if she said she lived in Omaha Nebraska and her husband had died And she wanted to sell the truck that he had. When she sent the pictures of the truck it was unbelievable how perfect it was. That was the first red flag. We said that we wanted more proof and they sent back another email saying that they were Christians! And that week they would never do anything on illegal. They sent 25 photos of the beautiful try leather interior in perfect condition and only wanted $5000 The Kelley blue book value is 22k. Of course we wanted to believe that this was real but it just seemed unrealistic. Then we said OK well what do we do and they sent an email saying we will send you the truck with all the paperwork etc. etc. and all we had to do was send $5000 in money orders without anybody in the name and leave that part blank. Boy was that a red Hey:)
My 2008 Ford F-350 CrewCab 4×4. It is still available for sale if interested and the price, as stated in the ad, is $5,000.
The vehicle is in pristine condition, no accident history, clear title, no dents or dings and no scratches, only 89,659 miles, 6.4L Diesel. Always adult driven and garaged, never abused or raced.
I had to move out and now I am living with my parents in Omaha, Nebraska. I am selling it at this final price of $5,000 because my husband died 1 month ago (he had a heart attack) and it brings me bad memories and that’s the reason I want to sell it a.s.a.p.
I want to use Offer UP services for the safety of both of us so if you’re interested in purchasing this vehicle just email me with your full name, address including the zip code and phone number, so I can notify Offer UP that you are selected as my possible buyer and they will contact you to explain the entire procedure.

Thank you,
Ana Morgan

John Deere 6×4 scam

Victoria Maya Wallace

3:46 PM (52 minutes ago)

to me

Hello again Stefan,

Currently I’m stationed in our army base in Tucson AZ. I am working as a medic and we are doing a special training because I will be deployed back to Iraq on 5th. The vehicle is here with me but it can can be transported directly to your home address and you will have it for 7 days to see it’s condition and how it’s working before paying for it. The process is done through Amazon for both our safety so all I need to start the transaction is your full name, address and phone number so that Amazon can send you all the info. I need to get rid of the vehicle before our deployment because I need the funds to pay my house’s mortgage.

Waiting for your reply.



e-mail address used is: [email protected]

2003 Toyota Tacoma

Thanks so much for this anti-scam site. It saves so many a lot of money and trouble.

I saw an ad for 2003 Tacoma and asked for more Email. (this was before checking on the Amazon Protection Plan) The reply came promptly and included pictures. Everything sounded perfect, especially the 1500.00 price. Then I checked on the APP and saw all the scam info. Naturally that ended the deal.

From my own experience with this scam ad and all the ones I’ve read it seems so many scammers identify themselves as military members. As a military retiree I find this disgraceful. Believe me, any military member who pulls a scam like this and can be located, would be punished by the military. Of course, few of them probably are military but know this will be a plus to a buyer and will give a reason for the cheap price since they all say they’re going overseas. I did notice a lot of the scammers use the same wording in their ads, changing only the base and rank.

To anyone considering getting a “good deal” BEWARE and check out both the seller and the conditions ie, free delivery from another part of the country.

“Ebay shipping” car selling scammer

Scammer email:
Maya Harris

Example message:
(Began emailing after I sent a text for a Craigslist listing. They said they posted the ad for their aunt and gave me an email address. I use a special email account for CL listings.)

“I’ll do my best to walk you through the process. After my divorce I got a new job and moved to Jackson, MS. The car is at the shipping company in Jackson, MS, sealed and ready for shipping. I have a contract with ebay so this deal must go through them.
According with ebay you have 5 days from the time you receive the car to inspect it and decide if you want to keep it or not.
Here is how it will work:
First of all,I will forward them your info
They will process your info and send both of us invoices. On the invoice you will find all the instructions on how to complete the transaction.
Once the payment is completed the shipping process will be started( on my cost I repeat). After you receive the car you will have 5 days to test and verify it.

If you decide to keep the vehicle, ebay will release the money to me and our transaction is complete.
If, by any reason, you won’t be satisfied with the car ( even though I can assure you that it is exactly as described), you can return it at my expense for a full refund of your money, no questions asked.

If you agree, get back to me with your full name and shipping address and I will get everything started immediately.
All you will need to do is follow through with their guidelines. You will receive along with the vehicle all it’s papers, documents and manuals.
I need a prompt answer from you!
Thank you!”

I provided the name of our police chief and the police station address. I hope they get the invoice, but not sure anything will happen from it.

Donna Humphrey

replied to CL Add lead to this suspicious email. still trying to communicate with on a 3rd 3rd email.
Donna Humphrey Today at 11:59 AM
Monte Self
Message body
Hi again, the car is stored with all the paperwork in eBay warehouse, in Knoxville, TN headquarters in container, sealed and ready for delivery. Like i told you Me and my husband travel a lot with our business and I prepared the sale with eBay.

The transaction will be made thru eBay, all you have to pay for my car is $1500(delivery is already prepared and paid by me). You will have 5 days for inspection. During all this time eBay will keep safe the money into a trust account. So, this is not a blind transaction,you can see the car before decide to buy it. If you are satisfied with the car and decide to keep it you inform eBay about this and they will release the money to me. If the car is not as advertised and decide not to keep it eBay will refund you the money, no questions asked, and shipping back the car will be my concern. But I don’t think that this will be necessary because the car is like in the pictures and how I described it.You will receive the car with all the necessary papers notarized to pass at your name (clear title, bill of sale, user’s manual, insurance etc).

If you want to start the transaction with eBay just reply me with your full name,full delivery address and your phone number and I will get everything started as soon as possible(with no further obligation or fees),then eBay will contact you with further instructions.
Thank you

On Mon, Aug 15, 2016 at 2:51 PM, Monte Self wrote:
no I would need to see it, I have a mechanic always check things out. your are local I assume as I put in a 15 mile radius ?

Thanks and Take Care ! Monte

—– Forwarded Message —–
From: Donna Humphrey
To: Monte Self
Sent: Monday, August 15, 2016 11:38 AM
Subject: Re: hyundai Santa fe – $1500

Hi ,

I have received your email regarding the 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe GLS with only 83,890 miles. The suv is in perfect condition with clear title, no accidents, no liens or loans and it has just been completely servi ced. Never had or need any paint/body work done, garaged keep always, without any mechanical problems, tires and wheels are in great shape as well, electric is working perfectly. The engine runs very good and the automatic transmission shifts perfectly. The price for the suv is $1,500(including delivery and handling to your address).
I’m selling this suv because my child of only 26 years died 2 months ago in a bike accident, the car belonged to my son and it brings me bad memories and that’s the reason I want to sell it.
Me and my husband travel a lot with our business and we want to make this deal through eBay, so if you’re interested in purchasing the car just reply me your full name, full address and phone number, so I can notify eBay. Once that is done, they will contact you in the next 24 hours to explain the entire procedure.

If you are interested let me know and I’ll send you more pictures with suv

Engine: 2.7L V6
Title: Clear
Drive Type: FWD

God Bless you and your family!

On Mon, Aug 15, 2016 at 2:24 PM, Monte Self wrote:
I would like to look at your car, I am interested in it. you can call me or I can call you if you reply back,

Thanks and Take Care ! Monte

SSgt.USAF Debra M. Herrod

debra herrod
7:55 AM (9 hours ago)

to me

Thanks for replying to my ad. I’m selling it because I’m serving in Offutt AFB, Nebraska but I was promoted and transferred to Elmendorf AFB in Anchorage Alaska for a 3 years period, so I don’t need it anymore at this time. Let me give you a few details about it: 2002 Chevrolet Silverado LT 2500 HD 4X4 has only 99k miles on it, no accident history, clear title, no dents or dings and no scratches. Always adult driven and garaged, never abused or raced. If you are interested, it’s still available for sale and the price, as stated in the ad, is $2,100.00, so if you have the money ready to buy it email me back.

Vehicle title – CLEAN
Inspection – INSPECTED
Mileage – 99,142 miles
Transmission – Automatic
Engine- 6.0L 5967CC 364Cu. In. V8 GAS OHV Naturally Aspirated
Fuel type – GASOLINE
Drive Type: 4WD
Exterior color – Pewter
Interior color – Tan

I look forward to hearing from you,
SSgt.USAF Debra M. Herrod
debra herrod
debra herrod’s profile photo
[email protected]
debra herrod
2:40 PM (2 hours ago)

to me
Hello again,

As I’ve told you, at this moment I am in Offutt AFB, NE in a military base. I do a special training program each day and I am not allowed to get out of the unit or call whenever I want. The reason I’m selling this truck way below market value is because don’t have time for negotiations and I need money before August 30 for my next house in Anchorage. The truck is already at our Offutt Air Force Base Library form Offutt AFB, NE crated and ready to go. Like I already said, the delivery process will be managed by me. I think I can have it there at your home address within 2-3 days. It will come with a clear title and reg. I am a member of the eBay buyer protection program and using this service you will get a 5 days testing period after delivery. During that 5 days testing period I will not be getting any money. I need to know if you are interested so I can ask eBay to send you the details on this deal. If interested please include in your next email your contact info for eBay (full name, shipping address and phone number), so we can move forward with this transaction.

Thank you!!
SSgt.USAF Debra M. Herrod

Senior Medic Sgt. Wilma Smith

Wilma Smith
2:23 PM (2 hours ago)

to me
Hi Mike,
Sorry for the delay, my name is Wilma, happy to see you are interested in my 2006 Chevrolet Tahoe Z71. Let me give you a few details about it. Really good shape, never had any problems with it, no scratches or dents, Non-smoker,88kMileage, 2 wheel drive, Automatic, 8 Cylinder, VIN: 1gnec13t66r125332, the title is clear in my name.
Photos available here:
The price was reduced at $2,000. I’m selling it so low due to the fact that my medical team will deploy back to Afghanistan on August 28th for 1 year contract and it’s not worth keeping insurance and paying storage fees for 1 year, so there’s no use in keeping it, therefore I need a fast and reliable buyer. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.

Senior Medic Sgt. Wilma Smith

Mazda LLew Cooper

eBay sent this invoice to LLew Cooper
Your registered name is included to show this message from eBay.

Inline image 1
Transaction ID# 487663FZE
Sale Date: 22/08/2016
Item Title: 2003 Nissan Murano SL
Item Condition: Used
Item Price: $1,500.00
Shipping Fees: $0.00
Total Payment: $1,500.00

Name: Annie Miller
Address: 98 Woodland Rd
City: Williamsburg
State: VA
Zip: 23188
Country: United States
Shipping to!
Name: LLew Cooper
Address: 725 Bessemer Rd
City: Midfield
State: AL
Zip: 35228
Country: United States

Five easy steps to complete your eBay Motors transactions:

Buyer and seller agree to terms: Both parties agree to terms of the transaction, which includes a description of the item, sale price and number of days for the buyer’s inspection.

Buyer deposit payment to eBay: The Buyer submits a payment, our agency verifies the payment. Processing time for payments is 12 hours.

eBay sends item to Buyer: Upon payment verification we start the shipping and submit tracking information. eBay verifies that the Buyer receives the item.

Buyer receives item: The Buyer has 5 days to verify the item and the option to accept or reject. Return shipping will be at the Seller’s expense.

The Seller is Paid by eBay: The transaction is complete. If the Buyer is not satisfied, he must notify our agency with the item issues, after the inspection period. A solution to most problems can usually be negotiated between the Buyer and Seller. If this is not possible, the buyer will receive the money from our trust account. In case the Buyer refuse to continue the transaction with the Seller from other reasons, our agency will return the funds to the Buyer in maximum 12 hours depending by his location and also the available payment method.
For your purchase you have to buy exactly the same cards as the draft exposed:

How to make the payment?
Payment must be submitted via iTunes – Gift Cards and can be purchased with cash, credit card or debit card at thousands of stores nationwide. First, you purchase a iTunes – Gift Card from a participating retailer. Load cash is onto the pack at checkout. Then you can pay for your Online Shopping on eBay Motors.

iTunes – Gift Cards is an easy and convenient way to send money to where you need it. Through Apple iTunes – Gift Cards Card services we can guarantee you 100% protection and insurance in this transaction. eBay Motors will secure the payment until the buyer receive, inspects and accepts the item. Or, if it will be the case, eBay Motors will refund the payment to the buyer.

You can add only up to $500.00 into iTunes – Gift Card. For your purchase you need to buy 3 iTunes – Gift Cards of $500.00 each

NOTE! In order to avoid any mistakes when buying the iTunes – Gift Cards, you will need to purchase the reloadable version that is available at these stores nationwide:

Once you bought the iTunes – Gift Cards and loaded the debit, confirm your payment by email with the following information:

– iTunes – Gift Card -16 DIGIT NUMBER (scratch-off the portion covering the code).
– Pictures with the back of the iTunes Gift Cards where we can see the PIN Numbers (color pictures & readable, clear).

The funds will not be released under any circumstances. We will hold the payment until you will send us the confirmation that you have received, inspected and you agree to keep the vehicle. When we will have your confirmation we will transfer the funds to your Seller.

For your purchase you have to buy exactly the same cards as the draft exposed:

Why should I use the iTunes – Gift Cards as opposed to other same day money transmitter services?There are many reasons:

Using iTunes – Gift Cards as method of payment you can’t lose your money,practically the buyer make the proof that he has the money and is a serious buyer by providing only the Scratchable codes.

The money will still be in his pocket as vouchers and he can use them anyway he want.

The iTunes – Gift Cards must be handover only after the item is received and tested.

iTunes – Gift Cards can be purchased at locations where you shop for your daily needs

There are no special customer service counters and no forms to fill out
Protection and Refund: Once the Motor Vehicle is delivered, the Buyer has a 5 (five) days inspection period. After the inspection period is over, the Buyer will contact eBay with the results of the inspection. If, for any reason, the Motor Vehicle does not pass the Buyer’s inspection, it will be eBay returned to, on the eBay’s expense and the funds will be returned to the Buyer. For safety reasons the payment details will be dealt with the utmost security and will not be handed to any third parties. eBay will be in full control of the funds as soon as it reaches the regional account. Once the funds have been sent to our regional account, no one but the Buyer will have access to it. eBay will release the funds to the Seller only after the Buyer receives and agrees with the Motor Vehicle. Should the Buyer need a refund for this transaction the amount received will be sent back via bank transfer, check or money order. The account is managed and eBay supervised by Financial Department.

Tracking Number Status: Pending reload

Evelyn wells 2007 Acura MDX scam


Thank you for being interested in buying my 2007 Acura MDX SH-AWD, it has only 94,000 miles, extremely well maintained with a full service history, no problems, no damages or hidden defects and never been involved in accidents. The automatic transmission shifts smoothly and the 3.7L engine runs great. The title is legally under my name, clear and free of any liens or loans. The car is located where I worked before at McConnell AFB, Kansas, but i was promoted and transferred to Hickam AFB, Hawaii for a 3 years period. I’m selling it because i don’t have time to drive it and I don’t want to let it ruin in my garage. I’m sorry, but I just want to sell it as soon as possible and I don’t have any preferences to whom. The shipping will be free and in 2-3 days the car will be in front of your door.
As I’m unable to travel in the near future I decided to make this transaction through eBay at a lower price. I believe this protects us both and it’s the right way to do it. The final price is $2,000.00 which include delivery to your home address. If you decide to buy this car send me your Full Name and Shipping Address, so I can inform eBay that I have a buyer! I will forward your details to them and then you will receive an invoice (with no further obligations or fees). Then you will be able to talk with them directly and ask all you want to know. Hope to hear from you soon!

Msgt. Evelyn Wells