How to identify the eBay VPP scam

  1. What is eBay VPP?

    VPP exists inside of eBay

    The eBay Vehicle Protection Program does exist, but it is only available to eBay users on eBay Motors. If you are not placing a bid or using the Buy It Now feature on an eBay site, the VPP does not guarantee your transaction.

    eBay does not hold or ship merchandise

    The eBay Vehicle Purchase Protection scam occurs outside of eBay. Scammers assert that eBay is holding or facilitating a sale, and send you fake eBay documents via email to back up their false claims. Here are easy ways to identify this scam:

    The eBay VPP scammer

    1. will not let you buy the item on eBay or eBay Motors
    2. will not have an eBay ID number for the item that you can look up
    3. will not let you see the vehicle prior to sale
    4. will tell you the vehicle will be shipped
    5. will ask that you send money using moneygram or another wire service
    6. will advertise his car outside of eBay on craigslist, kijiji or some other site
  2. Read it on or

    Here is a statement from an eBay representative that describes the eBay VPP scam:

    Here’s how the scam works-sellers on these sites pretend to be eBay representatives or sellers. They promise buyers that the vehicles will be covered by and paid through eBay’s Vehicle Protection Program or eBay’s Escrow services, or held in an “eBay shipping center” even though they’re not being sold on eBay. This isn’t true, and we encourage you to be very cautious about these scams.

    For you to verify from your end if it is a legitimate sale, you should have placed a bid on the item or bought it through Buy it Now on the eBay Motors site. Please check “my eBay”, then click on your “won” items. If the item does not appear on your “won” list, then there was no transaction that has transpired through eBay.

    We advise you to forward these emails to so we can take appropriate actions immediately.

  3. Post scam emails on

    The scammer that emailed you today probably sent out hundreds of emails at the same time. In addition to forwarding the scam emails to eBay, you can create a new scam report right here on that includes the name and email address of the scammer. This will help others searching for information find out the seller they are dealing with is a fraud. Learn how to post on this site, and never buy a car sight unseen!

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