Scam via [email protected]


Thank you for your interest in purchasing my boat. The boat is in perfect condition – like new! If you decide to buy it, you’ll receive all the papers, owner manual, keys, a buy-sell contract already signed by me and the clear title. For this transaction I want to use ebay because I want to provide you a fast and very secure way. They will handle the transaction for me. You will make the payment to ebay and they will hold the money until you receive and inspect the boat. ONLY AFTER you receive the boat and you inspect it (you have 5 days for inspection) ebay will release the payment to me. The inspection time period will begin as soon as you receive the boat at your address. Meanwhile eBay will hold the money into a trust account. So, this is not a blind transaction, you can see the boat before you decide to buy it. This way we are both protected : I will know that i have a serious buyer who has the money to pay me and you will be able to see and inspect the boat before buying it .
The final price is $ 5,400 with shipping costs and insurance included. The price is low because I want to sell the boat very quickly. My husband died in Iraq 3 months ago and I along with my daughter decided to sell the house and move to my sister. I can’t afford to take days off my work for this sale so i’m trying to sell it online.
If you are really interested in purchasing the boat please send me your full name, shipping address and your phone number. Ebay will give you all the details regarding the shipping and payment.
I will appreciate an answer as soon as possible.


Hello again,

The boat is already at the shipping company in San Jose, CA. I have registered the boat with eBay’s Vehicle Protection Program and they work only with das auto shippers, so a local pick-up is not an option. This transaction is covered by eBay’s Vehicle Protection Program up to 50,000 USD and if something goes wrong in this transaction you will be fully refunded. In the invoice you will have the details on how to make a refundable payment and shipping back the boat will be my concern. I strongly assure you it will not be the case for a refund. I have used eBay’s Vehicle Protection Program in the past and all my transaction ended succesfully. You pay to eBay and they will transfer the funds to me only after you get the boat. Shipping will be door to door, to your home address, somebody must be home when the boat arrives.
If you wish to proceed with the purchase, please provide me your full name and address so I can initiate the deal through eBay right away.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Luckily we figured out this was not a real offer and didnt go any further with the sale. One of the things that grabbed my attention was the complete lack of name use and the fact that their email seemed very impersonal. Please be warned! Make sure to do adequate research before sending anyone money!


Scam via 631-865-1706

Hello and sorry for the late reply. Hope I’m not too late and you didn’t already purchased another bike.

For sale is my 2005 Suzuki GSX-R in immaculate condition with only 4k miles, rust free, no scratch and hasn’t been involved in any accident. It has an 1000cc engine. This bike needs nothing and comes with a CLEAN title.
I want this transaction to be smooth and I don’t have much time at my disposal to waste my time with endless discussions. I believe $2,900.00 (not negotiable) is more than a fair price.
You can reach me at (631) 865-1706 or you can email me if you are interested.

The bike is at Fort Drum base, New York, where i am currently stationed, until February 22, when I will be deployed to Afghanistan. This is why I must sell it before that. Shipping won’t be a problem for me. I will take care of that, with no costs on your end.
This is a large amount and I would like to conduct the deal using an authorized third party like eBay using their Purchase Protection Program, so this should eliminate any trust issues. They will keep the payment until the purchase is final, and you test and accept the bike. If you will not get the bike as described, and also a clean title you will receive your money back.
To be able to use this program you need to qualify. I have been approved 3 years ago and I was very satisfied. So, if you are interested in buying my bike just let me know your name and shipping address.
I will forward them to eBay’s protection program and wait for the approval.
The ad generated a great deal of interes and people have been calling me non stop and the line was down for a while.

Scam via [email protected]

On Thu, Feb 5, 2009 at 1:09 PM, [email protected]:
Subject: Re: Inquring about your bmw 325ci

First of all, please DO NOT REPLY to this e-Mail if you don’t have the amount available, or if you don’t intend to be serious.
I’m from Orlando, Florida.This is the second time when I try to sell the car. First time I tried eBay.
Because all the time I use only 100% safe methods I sent the car through eBay Vehicle Protection Program to a buyer from Alaska.
I paid all the shipping fees from my money and when  eBay  requested the payment from seller, he refused to pay because he didn’t have the full amount.
Now I have the car in the eBay hands and is ready to be delivered to the next buyer.
If you want to purchase it and only if you are a serious buyer then send me your complete name and address for shipping.
The time delivery will be only 3 days and the car will be delivered at your home address full registered in your state and under your name. 

Here is the vin and here is how it works
eBay Protection Program help sellers and buyers to stay safe with all the transactions.
How it will be and how eBay Protection Program works:
1. The seller ships the goods to eBay. They  inspect the goods and will contact you through email with the payment details.
2. You will send the payment to eBay.
3. After they validate your transfer, they will start shipping. It will take up to 3 days for the item to arrive at your door, which I think it’s a reasonable time.
4.You will also have a 7-DAY INSPECTION PERIOD in which you can test drive the item. If you find that the item doesn’t fit my description, you will get a full refund.
5. If all is well (which I’m sure it will be), they will give you the title to the item and releases me the payment.
Now the car is in the eBay protection program hands and not in my possession it. If you will not like it and you will decide to return it then you will receive the full refund. If you will decide to buy it then eBay will release the funds to me.
If you agree with the terms then send me your complete name, address FAX number and I’ll redirect the car to you.