Scam via [email protected]

On Thu, Feb 5, 2009 at 1:09 PM, [email protected]:
Subject: Re: Inquring about your bmw 325ci

First of all, please DO NOT REPLY to this e-Mail if you don’t have the amount available, or if you don’t intend to be serious.
I’m from Orlando, Florida.This is the second time when I try to sell the car. First time I tried eBay.
Because all the time I use only 100% safe methods I sent the car through eBay Vehicle Protection Program to a buyer from Alaska.
I paid all the shipping fees from my money and when  eBay  requested the payment from seller, he refused to pay because he didn’t have the full amount.
Now I have the car in the eBay hands and is ready to be delivered to the next buyer.
If you want to purchase it and only if you are a serious buyer then send me your complete name and address for shipping.
The time delivery will be only 3 days and the car will be delivered at your home address full registered in your state and under your name. 

Here is the vin and here is how it works
eBay Protection Program help sellers and buyers to stay safe with all the transactions.
How it will be and how eBay Protection Program works:
1. The seller ships the goods to eBay. They  inspect the goods and will contact you through email with the payment details.
2. You will send the payment to eBay.
3. After they validate your transfer, they will start shipping. It will take up to 3 days for the item to arrive at your door, which I think it’s a reasonable time.
4.You will also have a 7-DAY INSPECTION PERIOD in which you can test drive the item. If you find that the item doesn’t fit my description, you will get a full refund.
5. If all is well (which I’m sure it will be), they will give you the title to the item and releases me the payment.
Now the car is in the eBay protection program hands and not in my possession it. If you will not like it and you will decide to return it then you will receive the full refund. If you will decide to buy it then eBay will release the funds to me.
If you agree with the terms then send me your complete name, address FAX number and I’ll redirect the car to you.