Senior Medic Sgt. 1st Class Thomas Porter

Seen an advertisement on for a nice truck at a decent price, and it was listed in my city. I e-mailed inquiring about the vehicle, price, and any additional photos if possible. Received an email in reply with the following:

My name is Thomas, and I’m emailing you about 2005 FORD F-150 XLT 4-DOOR 4X4 with an gasoline engine, automatic transmission and only 122,480 miles. Never had or need any paint/body work done, garaged keep always, without any mechanical problems, tires and wheels are in great shape as well, electric is working perfectly. The engine V8 gas, runs very good and the automatic transmission shifts perfectly. Has a clean and clear US title in my name and there are no liens or loans on it. This car has been used by my wife who died 4 months ago. The price was reduced at $2,900 because I’m in a hurry to find a buyer. I need to sell the car before the February 27, when I will be leaving on military duty with my medical team out of the country for a year and do not want to store it. Hate to sell it but its not worth keeping insurance and paying storage fees for a year. Also, the car is too big for my daughter so there’s no use on keeping it. If you are interested in buying it or if you have any questions, please reply to this email.

For more pictures here is a link to the car gallery:

I look forward to hearing from you,
Senior Medic Sgt. 1st Class Thomas Porter”

I apologized for his wife’s passing, and told him to be safe in his travels and make sure he and his team come back home; I am a retired U.S. Air Force member so I can understand. Here is the reply:
“Right now I’m in a military base. We are training, getting ready for leaving the country. The delivery process will be managed by me. I think I can have it there at your home address within 3 working days. It will come with a clear title and reg. I am a member of the Military Car Shipping Program and using this service you will get a 5 days testing period after delivery. During that 5 days testing period I will not be getting any money (the money during the transaction will be at Military Financial Department ).I need to know if you are interested so I can make arrangements with Military Car Shipping to send you the details on this deal. If interested just email with your legal name (your right full name ’cause it will appear on the papers), full postal address where you want the vehicle delivered and your cell phone # where you can be reached so we can get the ball rolling.

I look forward to hearing from you,
Senior Medic Sgt. 1st Class Thomas Porter”

This pissed me off; anyone who knows anything about the military, know this is a scam right from the get go. Other flags appeared as well with the nomenclator he used in his email. I do not want to put all the flags as they can look at these sites and know what was wrong, but to use the death of his wife, his daughter, deployment, and just purely using anything to do with being in the military. This is a scam, and I want everyone to be aware; look at the terminology, research it and make sure it is legit. Otherwise, chances are it is a fake. WOW, defended the country for over 20 years, and to have someone do this, well let’s say they better hope we never meet. Plenty of my friends and military comrades have gone over and died over there; to use it for a scam….. Stay away.

1995 chevy silverado low miles – $1500

First of all I want to thank you for your interest for my truck.The ’95 Chevrolet Silverado 4×4 is still available and is in great condition for the age It is in immaculate condition, meticulously maintained and hasn’t been involved in any accident.I do have the title , clear, under my name. The chevy has 87,820 miles .I am selling my chevy because my platoon has been sent back to Afghanistan on February 22th for a 1 year contract and nobody will drive the truck ,so I chose to sell it .My chevy is automatic with a 5.7L V8 motor , a/c and heat, pwr all,also has almost new tires, full size spare tires original paint (the exterior is in great condition ,no rust or dents) this is a non smoker vehicle and had no pets .Here are all the pics i have hope you’ll like it.
It is still available for sale if interested, price as stated in the ad $1,500 FIRM. Let me know if you are interested, email back.
Sgt. 1st Class Rebecca Dixon

scammer on craigslist for chevy tahoe

I responded to a listing for a Chevy Tahoe on Phoenix Craigslist.

The listing had the following phone number: 415-234-7781. After I left a message in voicemail, I received a text that the person posted the ad for their mother, and gave me her email address.

Here are the emails I received:

Irene Rasch Today at 4:26 PM
Message body
To fill you in on the details, the sale goes through eBay and for them to provide you with the purchase protection they have to get you registered for the sale and issue your invoice with the terms of the sale and the payment instructions. What is required to proceed is your name and address and a phone number, I will forward your info to eBay to be filed in and they will issue your invoice to start the sale-purchase process between us. If you need any further assistance eBay will also provide a contact number for you to call with any questions you might have.
The next step is the payment, eBay holds and insures your money until we complete the sale. As soon as eBay has your payment they will deliver the truck, delivery costs are included so no extra shipping fee and you are also granted a 5 days inspection period after receiving the truck time in which you should test drive and inspect it at your local mechanic or dealer to see it’s exactly as I described it to be and when you’re done confirm the purchase to eBay so they can pay me. They will not be able to pay me without your confirmation, for safety reasons.
There’s also a rejection policy, if in the 5 days inspection period you find any reason you want to reject it you confirm to eBay and they will automatically refunds you and you will get all your $17,500 back in full after which the sale gets canceled. In this case the truck will go to the nearest eBay shipping facility, again at no expense for you.
I find these terms as reasonable as they could be for the both of us and that is why I chose eBay in the first place.
I have other folks interested but if you’re really serious about it I can keep it for you, so ready when you are! Again, what eBay requires to start procedures is your name and address and your phone number, from there on they will be much more of assistance than I can be. So waiting for your reply with the necessary information to move forward with the sale.


Irene Rasch Today at 3:26 PM
Message body
Hi Walt, I’m Irene, glad to see you are interested in my Chevy. This is a beautiful Chevy Tahoe LTZ, well maintained and gives a smooth ride. One owner excellent condition inside and out. Only 21500 miles, dealer serviced. No rips or tears. Tires are also in excellent condition and new ceramic brake pads and rotors just installed in August. It was really taken care of so you will see it has a clean title, free of damages or accidents of any type. Here you have the Vehicle Identification # 1GNSKCE06BR243573. Interior was never exposed to cigarette / tobacco smoke.
The price was reduced at $12900. Because of my divorce settlement, I own this Tahoe and I don’t need it so I’m trying to get rid of it as soon as possible (that’s why I’m selling it so cheap). If you have any other questions, or need more info and photos, please feel free to ask.


2006 Chevy Tahoe Z71 for sale

The add on craigslist below is a scam and should be avoided at all times. It is from a seller by the name of Brianna Clark who claims that she is in the Nevada National guard and is about to deploy back to Afghanistan with her medical team and is using this reason to sell her 2006 Chevy Tahoe Z71 with 78000 miles for $2000.

RV Scam

Person trying to “buy” my RV posted on Craigslist without seeing it, posing as a military person, and asking for my pay pal information so he can deposit the money and will send an agent to pick up the RV. He texted me and asked us to contact him by e-mail, using the email address: [email protected] I’m sure this is a SCAM.