2007 GMC Yukon XL for sale SCAM

I sent a text message about a car for sale on Craigslist Atlanta. I texted 678-753-2842. The reply came from 520-477-2899. They wanted me to pay through Ebay and sent what looked like a legit Ebay invoice. The phone number was forwarded to overseas and wanted you to pay them. They claimed they would send you the car after payment and that it was at Ebay’s storage facility (no such place)

The emails came from [email protected] and from [email protected]> via reagan.com. There was also a reply to email of [email protected]

The ad is still up on Atlanta Craigslist:

Susan Wagner is scamming

Phone Number to watch out for (801)876-7192 She is selling a 2004 Toyota Camry XLE. “Thanks for contacted me about my 2004 Toyota Camry XLE.I wanna be short and tell you some words about it.It has a clean title under my name, i am the single owner and the car is in perfect working conditions without any damage,no dings,no accidents,no liens or loans(is ready to go with a clean title).It was always well kept with no pets or smoke in.I need to sell it asap at this price of $1000 because at this moment i am in the hospital with my son.My son(14 years) was hit by a drunk driver when he comes out of school.He will go through a surgery in 2-3 days and after that i will need money for treatment and pills.Anyway i don’t wanna bother you with my story.I already made a contract with eBay so they can sell this car for me since i can’t handle this myself these days and don’t have anyone close to do it for me.The transaction will be 100% safe and insured by eBay and the sale will be faster the whole process will take 24-36 hours.Also you don’t need to pay any other fees,just the price of the car.If interested to know the rest of process just send me an email back!” She claims this is why it’s so cheap. Here is the scam, “The process through eBay will be a fast one since the car is now at their shipping company with the title , papers and everything ready to be delivered to the potential buyer address.I already paid them a small fee for this and both me and you will be covered by their company.They will bring the car to your address so you can inspect it for 5 days and ONLY after that 5 days of inspection you will decide if want to keep the car or not!If you agree to keep it you will sign the papers with them and they will release the money to me, if NOT they will take back the car and you will get a full refund of money, please keep in mind that you don’t have to pay any fees!So if you want to get the deal started just reply back to me with buyer full name, shipping address and a phone # so i can forward them to eBay and they will contact you to explain the payment options and shipping details!The car will coming from Moab UT”. Don’t let her fool you!

Jeffery Heffner Lynn

Jeffery Heffner Lynn, Hangout ID Heffner Jeffery, Email address [email protected], Home address given: 1359 Sandy Ridge Rd. Cana VA USA. Phone number given: 678-915-8836 (this is a GA land line according to an Internet search). DOB given: 9-9-1970 and 11-22-70. Says he worked in the resort industry and then switched it up to construction, 1 daughter age 21 or 25 (his story changed). Lived in GA when we started talking and must have forgotten he told me that and said he lived in TX and then forgot about that and said he lived in VA. He recently said he was going to Columbia for business and once he was there, he ran out of money so his company is going to send him $5000.00 but his bank accounts don’t work in Columbia so he wants me to have his company send the money to me and then I am suppose to send it to him via money gram or western union. The ID card he sent, to verify his identity, has the same ID number as a little old lady in VA and an African-American baby girl (found online as samples of VA ID cards) and is clearly and poorly altered. The company he says he works for, KBR Inc., is in TX but the contact number for the person sending the money is a cell number in GA. He lies more then Trump!

Scammer Alert

From email: [email protected]
My name is Elizabeth Clayton and I’m emailing you regarding the 2008 Nissan Altima SE that I have for sale. It is in perfect condition, with no need for any additional repairs. Flawless exterior condition, no scratches and no dents. It has never been involved in an accident. The interior is in excellent condition. I have a Clear Title. Great mileage: 115.916, Engine: V6 3.5L and the automatic transmission shifts perfectly. The last price for the vehicle is $1,600 (including delivery and handling to your address).
I’m selling this car because my child of only 26 years died 4 months ago in a bike accident, this was my son’s car and it brings me bad memories.
Me and my husband travel a lot with our business and we want to make this deal through eBay’s Buyer Protection Program, so if you’re interested in purchasing the vehicle just reply me your full name, full address and phone number, so I can notify eBay Motors. Once that is done, they will contact you in the next hours to explain the entire procedure.

God Bless you and your family!

2001 BMW 540i

Victoria Reed almost got me on Craig’s list. Below is the email she sent me:

“Thank you for contacting me regarding my 2001 BMW 540i for sale. This car is in great shape RWD with 124,068 miles 4.4L V8,automatic transmission. I’m the original owner,the 4.4L V8 pulls strong and transmission shifts perfectly. All four speed sensors were replaced eliminating the ABS/Brake light, now no warning lights are illuminated . There are no leaks, good brakes and suspension and nice tires. The body looks beautiful and interior is a 10/10. Everything works including A/C, heated seats, sport steering wheel controls, with no bad odors of tobacco or pets. . .I do have the clear title. I am selling it for $1000 because my husband died 11 month ago, of a heart attack and it brings me bad memories. My daughter and I,decided to sell the house and so we moved to my brother in Evansville, IN, trying to start a new life…

I want to use eBay services for both our safety. If you’re interested in purchasing this car just email me with your full name, full address including the zip code and phone number, so I can notify eBay that you are selected as my possible buyer and they will contact you to explain the entire procedure.

Give me a email back if you are still interested.”

The email was sent from [email protected]
The phone number used: ?(334) 384-4906?


There is a seller listing a 2004 Lexus car on Craigslist and they are trying to scam people to get the money. The names of the emails I received did not match. The number rthat was listed for the car was 662-912-5501 and then I got a text from 347-389-5935 asking for my email address to send info. Like a dummy, I did! Then they wanted my address and phone number because they said eBay would be shipping the car. The name was Caroline Briggs or Carolin Briggs because they used 2 different email accounts. I just want people to be aware! Thanks

Selling 2005 F150 for 1500

Amy Gibbs is the one running this scam. Too good to be true.


I have received your email regarding the 2005 Ford F150 with only 106,800 miles, 5.4L V8 engine. The car is in perfect condition with clear title, no accidents, no liens or loans and it has just been completely serviced. The engine runs very good and the automatic transmission shifts perfectly. The price for the car is $1,500 (including delivery and handling to your address).
I’m selling this car because my child of only 21 years died 2 months ago in a bike accident, the car belonged to my son and it brings me bad memories and that’s the reason I want to sell it.
I travel a lot with my job and I want to make this deal through eBay Payments Protection. so if you’re interested in purchasing the car just reply me your full name, full address and phone number, so I can notify eBay. Once that is done, they will contact you in the next hours to explain the entire procedure.

God Bless you and your family?????!????????

7×12 Trailer from Heather Marks

1st email:
My name is Heather Marks and I’m emailing you about my 2014 Look
Vision enclosed trailer 7X12 Enclosed Cargo Trailer, ATV/Motorcycle
Cargo Trailer. The trailer has been stored inside when hasn’t been
used, it was bought new, used few times every year. Never had or need
any paint work done, without any problems, tires are in great shape as
well. Has a clean and clear US title in my name.
The price was reduced at $1,000 because I’m in a hurry to find a buyer.
Best Regard,

Heather Marks
2nd Email
Hi again,Thank you very much for getting back to me but I would like to clarify some things first. I am selling the hauler at this price because me and my husband had a bike accident not long ago (my husband passed away) this the reason why I want to sell it asap, I am a single mom now trying to manage this situation. Another reason for selling it is because I work in military. We are training and getting ready to leave the country so in the next 6 months the will only stay in my garage. At this point the hauler is already at the shipping company ready for delivery because someone agreed to buy it, but in the end his wife have convinced him to buy a van instead. For this reason, the shipping is already paid for. I will use e Bay in this transaction because I can not meet you to do the sale. If you are not aware of this program, you should know that it will allow you to test and inspect the hauler before paying me. The inspection period will be set to 7 days and I think that is enough time for you to make a decision about the hauler. If you won`t like my hauler you notify e Bay and you send it back at my expense. But I assure you that won’t be the case.If you want to continue the purchase, please reply with your full name, delivery address and phone number so I can start the transaction with e bay and ask them to send you the terms of this transaction. ( with no further obligation or fees).Thank you