Rebecca Taylor/Lamont Bouchard eBay scam

A seller going by the name of Rebecca Taylor said she had a John Deere Garden Tractor for sale. She then said she had set up the sale with Ebay and shortly there after I received an invoice with instructions on how to do a wire transfer. Posted on the bill was a “verified agent” that went by the name of Lamont Bouchard in Bloomer, Wisconsin. I wired the money using Walmart2Walmart money transfer service. I got e-mails from Ebay and Ms Taylor both and that the tractor would be shipped in about 3 days. The following day, I received another e-mail from both parties stating that shipping insurance needed to be purchased by me and that upon arrival the money would be returned to me. I then called Ebay customer service and they told me that I had been the victim of a scam.

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