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I was inspired to create a chrome extension to allow people to better identify scam advertisements based on emails present, phone numbers used, images found and reported already, and whether other users of the extension reported the advertisement as fraudulent.

This has resulted in several thousand ad’s being identified, ~700 fake scam email addresses, 300 scam phone numbers being identified, and ~108 fake escrow websites being shutdown.

I have been amazed at the lack of responsiveness from gmail, godaddy, and some other companies whose policies allow these bad players to thrive.

The chrome extension I created is free to use for anyone and there is no profit anticipated in this, just trying to make the internet a safer place.

I was hoping that you might find some interest in the results and the ability to help warn people when patterns are observed. Would love some help in getting this out there and think it is the WAZE of craigslist.

The website is: where you can see up to the minute stats on what has been identified.

The chrome¬†extension can be found in the google chrome web store by searching for scam stomper, and you can see in the phots that is shows details about ad’s being used. Might be able to also have it feed some of your results.

Please let me know if this might be of interest to you

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