Susan Wagner is scamming

Phone Number to watch out for (801)876-7192 She is selling a 2004 Toyota Camry XLE. “Thanks for contacted me about my 2004 Toyota Camry XLE.I wanna be short and tell you some words about it.It has a clean title under my name, i am the single owner and the car is in perfect working conditions without any damage,no dings,no accidents,no liens or loans(is ready to go with a clean title).It was always well kept with no pets or smoke in.I need to sell it asap at this price of $1000 because at this moment i am in the hospital with my son.My son(14 years) was hit by a drunk driver when he comes out of school.He will go through a surgery in 2-3 days and after that i will need money for treatment and pills.Anyway i don’t wanna bother you with my story.I already made a contract with eBay so they can sell this car for me since i can’t handle this myself these days and don’t have anyone close to do it for me.The transaction will be 100% safe and insured by eBay and the sale will be faster the whole process will take 24-36 hours.Also you don’t need to pay any other fees,just the price of the car.If interested to know the rest of process just send me an email back!” She claims this is why it’s so cheap. Here is the scam, “The process through eBay will be a fast one since the car is now at their shipping company with the title , papers and everything ready to be delivered to the potential buyer address.I already paid them a small fee for this and both me and you will be covered by their company.They will bring the car to your address so you can inspect it for 5 days and ONLY after that 5 days of inspection you will decide if want to keep the car or not!If you agree to keep it you will sign the papers with them and they will release the money to me, if NOT they will take back the car and you will get a full refund of money, please keep in mind that you don’t have to pay any fees!So if you want to get the deal started just reply back to me with buyer full name, shipping address and a phone # so i can forward them to eBay and they will contact you to explain the payment options and shipping details!The car will coming from Moab UT”. Don’t let her fool you!

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