Jeffery Heffner Lynn

Jeffery Heffner Lynn, Hangout ID Heffner Jeffery, Email address [email protected], Home address given: 1359 Sandy Ridge Rd. Cana VA USA. Phone number given: 678-915-8836 (this is a GA land line according to an Internet search). DOB given: 9-9-1970 and 11-22-70. Says he worked in the resort industry and then switched it up to construction, 1 daughter age 21 or 25 (his story changed). Lived in GA when we started talking and must have forgotten he told me that and said he lived in TX and then forgot about that and said he lived in VA. He recently said he was going to Columbia for business and once he was there, he ran out of money so his company is going to send him $5000.00 but his bank accounts don’t work in Columbia so he wants me to have his company send the money to me and then I am suppose to send it to him via money gram or western union. The ID card he sent, to verify his identity, has the same ID number as a little old lady in VA and an African-American baby girl (found online as samples of VA ID cards) and is clearly and poorly altered. The company he says he works for, KBR Inc., is in TX but the contact number for the person sending the money is a cell number in GA. He lies more then Trump!

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