Fake Ads – SKYPE IDs

These SKYPE IDs have been included in fake casual sex and other personal ads on Craigslist (and sent in replies to respondents), by very nasty & vicious foreign criminal gangs, who are involved in numerous remote crimes, like phishing, identity theft, phone call fraud and back charge fraud, crimes using text messaging, credit card theft, 419 scams, re-shipping and check over-payment scams.

These criminals aim to financially victimize anyone who replies to these SKYPE IDs, so avoid anything you see in this list.


SKYPE: cuddlyintention6
SKYPE: fussyacceptance2
SKYPE: grotesquepower7
SKYPE: halfcare1
SKYPE: mortifiedactivity1
SKYPE: mundanegrowth7
SKYPE: natasa.sexy2
SKYPE: snehadixit9
SKYPE: sugaryobservation5
SKYPE: yummyidentification4
SKYPE: ladystaffordpraha
SKYPE: emraq20

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