[email protected] gmail scam

The scam being ran by [email protected] com is part of a network of thieves, there now using Gmail .com addresses without phone numbers on Craigslist “beware”, the value they placed on a car well below the value of the car, The scam is either that they are moving from one airbase to another,,,or get this! They say they have set this sale up for their sister and to use this gmail account to contact her…Then the story thickens,,it seems her husband just died and the car , truck , suv is leaving poor memories of her husband,,they’ve had to sell the house and move to another state to live with her sister,,but if you want the car, truck , suv you go through amazon, ebay , ect escrow that is setup and pay there and they will ship the vehicle and if you dont like it you `can return it which are included in the sale. (ok now think about, your buying a vehicle for 2,000 dollars and you live in Flagstaff AZ,,lowest cost to ship is
$1247.00..so they have lost money on this sale and have pay the shipping company
for the return cost,, do think that makes good sense?) Always ask to see the vehicle,
always ask for the vehicle vin number,, run the carfax it will tell you if the vehicle is even about or near your state…dont fall for their scams
the funds and they’ll hold them till you receive the car, truck ,suv

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