Senior medic Avery Bobbitt

He’s at it again!

Sorry for delay, my name is Avery, happy to see you are interested in my 2009 Toyota Camry SE V6 FWD. Let me give you a few details about it. Really good shape, never had any problems with it, no scratches or dents, 56,720 Miles, Automatic, 3.5L Gasoline V6 engine, VIN:4T1BK46K39U096954, the title is clear in my name.
Photos available here:
The price was reduced at $3,000. I’m selling it so low due the fact that my medical team will deploy back overseas on May 20th for a 18 months contract and it’s not worth keeping insurance and paying storage fees for it so there’s no use on keeping it, therefore I need a fast and reliable buyer. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.

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  1. Same scammer tried to get me just switched the name up and the year and they used the the name Mary she said she was in Virginia leaving at the end if the month needs to get rid of a 2007 Camry husband died 4 months ago etc..people be aware don’t fall victim to these evil scamming people if it looks sounds too good to be true it is!!

  2. He or she is back again:
    Hello, my name is Elvira Gordon, happy to see you are interested in my Beetle-New 82,600 original miles, automatic transmission.
    It is in perfect condition, no need for additional repairs,no scratches, dings, rust, special marks whatsoever. The interior looks great, runs like new and all services are up to date. Also, I need to mention that it was never involved in any accidents.The price is $1,500 (non-negotiable). This belonged to my husband and after he passed away i decided to sell it. My name is on the title.
    I moved at my daughter because I had a throat surgery and i will remain here for few months at least. I’m located in Augusta, ME and i took the vehicle with me. I gave it to eBay Motors who will deliver it to the next owner. The transaction will be made through them for our own safety because I can’t deal in person. The best part about this is that you’ll get 5 days for inspection for free with no further obligation or fees.

    If you’re interested in purchasing it just email me your full name, full shipping address and phone # so that I can initiate the deal through eBay Motors and they will contact you to explain the procedure. Let me know asap if you’re interested the my car please.

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