Concession trailer scammers waiting for suckers

It always amazes me that people can be so gullible to think a concession trailer with all the accessories or quality trailer can be offered for about $2000. Where is your common sense? Don’t you do any research? Why would you send money to some unknown place without seeing the trailer? Most of these scammers offer free shipping. Don’t you realize shipping would be over that?

A quality well built and equipped trailer exceeds $40,000. How could you buy it for $2009?
These ads are placed by computer bots and are probably done in a group of scammers, perhaps Nigerian or Eastern European. They appear thousands of times all over the U.S. Flag them. Craig’s does NOTHING to police this. Also be aware of scammers for cars, trucks, ATCs, tickets, real estate and elecronics. Craig’s is useless for anything but face to face exchange.

I have a collection of about 40 photos of various concession trailers used in scam ads.

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