Ricardo Rey Bogus Response to Craigslist Posting

I got 5 replys to my posting immediately after posting my item for sale.  They all used the same bad broken English, improper punctuation s  The giveaway is the improper use of the language. This was obvious to me but might not be to other people so it is my duty to notify others. Here is the last email he sent even after I told him to “F Off”. He thinks he will gain access to my checking acount and other private details. I already told him “cash only” In God We Trust-All Others Pay Cash. He didn’t get it and now says he is sending me $3,000.00 for a $900.00 price negotiable item. What the what? I hope this helps others. These are all bouncing through g-mail.

I just confirmed that the payment will be delivered to your
location soon with tracking # 278463615000817 the check made out to
you was $3140.25 Deduct money for your item with extra $100 for your
patient and stress that am going to cause you during this transaction
then have the remaining fund sent to the shipping agent. The
over-payment is meant to cover the cost of shipping the item to me
along side my other properties I have for the shipper to be Picked up
for me including tax and insurance. I make the check payable to your
name due to the trust I have in you, please don’t let me down. What
you just have to do now is just go ahead and Deposit the check to your
bank account and withdraw excess funds that was meant for the shipper
immediately and have it sent to the shipping agent at the nearest
Wal-Mart store to send the money Via Money-gram and get back to me
with these bellow information:

* Sender’s name and address:
* Money-gram Reference Number 8 Digits:
* Amount sent after charges
* Your available Pick up time and date

Here is the shipping agent information you are to send the shipping fund to:

Name:……… Petit Jo Ann
Address:…….. 7190 Warsaw Rd.
City:……….. Lutcher
State:……… Louisiana
ZipCode:……….. 70071

Alternatively, you can visit nearest western union money transfer
location near to you via western union money transfer (money in
minutes). As soon as you got the money sent get back to me the below
information so that i can forward it to the shipper for immediate pick
up ASAP:

* Sender’s name:
* address:
* Money Transfer Control Number 10 Digits:
* Amount sent after charges
* Your preferred Pick up time and date

Immediately the shipper receives the above details then the shipping
agent will come for the pick up. Those are the information the shipper
requested for and I will really want you to complete this transaction
today because I will be traveling on family trip soon and I will be
glad if we can complete the Transaction before I travel.Hope I can
trust you with the overpayment? Your Honesty and transparency will be
appreciated. Thank you

N.B : western union charges should be deducted from my money

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