another Springfield, IL Army National Guard craigslist scam

I am selling this 2003 HONDA ACCORD EXL-V6 because my platoon has been sent back to Iraq and don’t want it get old in my backyard. The price is low because I need to sell it before September 24th. It has no damage, no scratches or dents, no hidden defects. It is in immaculate condition, meticulously maintained and hasn’t been involved in any accident.. .I do have the title, clear, under my name. The car has81,967 miles original miles VIN# 1HGCM66573A092537.
It is still available for sale if interested, price as stated in the ad $2,900. The car is in
Springfield, IL, in case it gets sold I will take care of shipping. Let me know if you are interested,
email me back.

Body type: SEDAN
Transmission: AUTOMATIC
Fuel type:GASOLINE
Vehicle title: Clear
Interior color: TAN Exterior color GOLD
Thank you

Staff Sgt. Antonio Perota
139th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment
Springfield, Illinois Army National Guard

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