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Good Day,
I am writing you regarding the Mercedes-Benz C220 2005 (51000Miles – V5 Presents) the car it’s still for sale.The car it’s in perfect condition inside and outside as well,never been implicated in accidents.I never smoke in it and i want to sell it to a serious person. The car is located in London,UK.I have the full service history and the MOT will expire in Nov 2009.The price that i’m asking for the car is £3400.Now i am located in Germany my work and i have nobody in United Kingdom that could show you the car. I need to come personal to meet you and present the car.
Few days ago a buyer told me that he’ll buy the car, so we must meet in United Kingdom. I came to United Kingdom because I trusted his word, but when I arrived I called him and no answer, so I lost money and precious time on his promise. I don’t want to ask you to send me any money in advance, I just want to see that you are a serious buyer. I will come only for a serious deal. If you don’t want to buy it after you will inspect it, no problem, but I need to be sure that you will be there.
To be sure that you are real and serious, here is what I propose:
1. The service name that we’ll use is western union transfers. You must find the nearest Western Union agency and you will go there with your best friend or your wife. Your wife or your friend (relative) will be the sender of the money and you will be the receiver in London.
2.Your wife or your friend to send £3400 to your name in London. Is enough for me too see that I have a interested buyer.
3. Only you can pick up the money from London, so this is no risk on your side.
4. Once the money is sent, you will have to email me or fax me western union papers.
5. In the same day I will buy the flight ticket and I will email you the scanned ticket.(We will verify the car with a mechanical service and at police to.)
6. We will meet in London and we will finish the deal. I will help you to make all papers.
7. Western Union will charge you 100 pounds to transfer the money(we will deducted that fee from the car price) but if you will not come to London to meet me you will lose that money,so here it’s my insurance.
If you don’t want to buy the car I will pay for your transport. I assure you that you will love this car and you will buy it. It is in perfect conditions. I repeat: You must understand that you will not send the money to me. You will be the receiver of the money and only you can pick the money from Western Union in London.If you are still interested to make the deal with me please reply me or call me.
Please don’t spend my time with endless disscution,or pure curiosity.
Thank you for contacting me and hope you will understand my point of view!!!

My Name: Arie Hendrik
Phone number: 00447031899734

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