Marshal Pesta Impersonator at it again!

I became wary of this recent post on craigslist and verified through the people at Autotrader it was a scam. Amazing, the guy is all over the radar posting bogus ads to sale all kinds of things. BEWARE!

At this moment I am in WA state in a military base, getting ready for Afghanistan . I do a special training program everyday day and I am not allowed to get out of the unit and to speak over the phone.As long as I’m dealing with Autotrader and they can ship the bike anywhere in the US .Because it is a large transaction, we will complete the deal only using an authorized third part like Autotrader because I already prearranged the whole process with them, using their escrow Safe Pay Program for bikes not listed on their website. The bike is located in the Autotrader warehouse in Houston,TX (ready for delivery). I will offer a 5-day period to inspect the bike from the moment you receive it, before I’ll have your money. I think this is more than fair for both of us.The payment will be handled by Autotrader , and you will benefit of 5 days inspection time period (test drive) and the option to accept or reject the bike on my expense. If you are still interested just send me your full name and shipping address. I will forward your info to Autotrader and they will notify you about our deal. Thanks

Here is Posting ID on Craigslist!

PostingID: 3271116681

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