craigslist caregiver scam

I applied for a job as a caregiver when a friend alerted me she had applied for something similar and it turned out to be a scam. Sure enough when i did the research the wording was almost exactly the same on the two emails. The email was [email protected] I will be more careful in the future.

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  1. I too saw a posting on Craig’s List and replied, only asking for addition information (days, hours, and location) before I applied. I received this email as a response to those questions from Connie Jaconi [email protected]:

    Good Day.

    I have received your resume message. Am Connie Jaconi and My Sister’s name is Mary she’ll be coming from (Harrah, OK), She will be moving to your location for a proper care on 05th of Oct, 2012,she is 140lbs and 5.8ft and she speaks English fluently.We really need you to be honest and trust worthy in this work. The work basis are below.

    – You are to be checking on My Sister at least everyday 2-3 hours for proper caring and to know how well about her health and i think you have little medical experience.

    – You will be earning $400 weekly plus other benefit.

    – You will be driving her to hospital when she need arise for proper medical check up at least once in a month and if you don’t know how to drive, We will hire you a good driver.

    — Your working days will be Mon-friday.

    You will have to prescribe the convenient hrs during each of this days which will not affect your other regular work as this will be a part time work for you and if you want to live with her in the house for other assistance there will be no problem.

    So kindly provide me your full name and mailing address so that we can ensure the housing agent get her an apartment which will be more closer to your house and I hope about 10 miles will not be too far for you.Also we will be paying you the first week wages upfront via a Certified Check because you will help her to get some medical tools
    like one touch basic machine,acu-check machine and test trips in any nearest pharmacy store around. So i will want you fill the below employment form so that we can ensure you are ready for the work.

    1) Full Name: …….
    2) Contact Address …..
    3) CITY: ………
    4) State: ………………..
    5) Zip code: ………………..
    6) Age: ………………..
    7) Sex: ………………..
    8) Current Job: ………………..
    9) Marital Status ………………..
    10) Cell and Home Number # ………………..
    11) What are your background records?

    I will be sending you her living address very soon so that you will know where you will be working.I will give you her living address once the rental agent find her a suitable house.I will be awaiting your email soonest and we can proceed as you can understand that the date is getting approach.


  2. I too applied to this with my resume which had my name, address, phone number, current job… I got this in response
    >> Hello,
    >> >>>> >>
    >> >>>> >> Thanks for your email. I need a caregiver for my old one who will
    >> >>>> >> be
    >> >>>> >> coming from Ontario Canada soon. Speaks English fluently. I
    >> >>>> >> thought
    >> >>>> >> about an elderly care center but wouldn’t agree. Please and please
    >> >>>> >> be
    >> >>>> >> honest about this little job. All you need to do for me is;
    >> >>>> >>
    >> >>>> >> Check on my old one at least 3 times a week for proper care to
    >> >>>> >> know
    >> >>>> >> more health wise and i think you have little experience
    >> >>>> >> medically.You
    >> >>>> >> will be earning $500 per wk for this job and you work at least
    >> >>>> >> 4hrs
    >> >>>> >> daily. You will drive to the hospital when the need arises for
    >> >>>> >> proper
    >> >>>> >> medical check up at least twice in a month and if you don’t know
    >> >>>> >> how
    >> >>>> >> to drive a car, you can hire one.
    >> >>>> >>
    >> >>>> >> Your working days will be Mon, Wednesday and Friday and You
    >> >>>> >> choose
    >> >>>> >> the hrs during each of this days which will not affect you or
    >> >>>> >> your
    >> >>>> >> other regular work and if you wish to live in the house at hrs
    >> >>>> >> best
    >> >>>> >> known to you, please do.
    >> >>>> >>
    >> >>>> >> To proceed, kindly provide me your full name and mailing address
    >> >>>> >> so
    >> >>>> >> that i can ensure the housing broker get her an apartment which
    >> >>>> >> will
    >> >>>> >> be closer to you. I hope some few miles from you would be okay.
    >> >>>> >> Also
    >> >>>> >> I’ll be paying you the first week wages upfront via a Certified
    >> >>>> >> Check
    >> >>>> >> because you will help get some medical resources around you. If
    >> >>>> >> all
    >> >>>> >> this works for you, you can get back to me with your full
    >> >>>> >> information
    >> >>>> >> including your Full Name,Mailing Address,City,State and Zip
    >> >>>> >> Code,Phone
    >> >>>> >> Number,Age, Sex and marital status.
    >> >>>> >>
    >> >>>> >> I will be sending you the address very soon so that you can check
    >> >>>> >> on
    >> >>>> >> the apartment before arrival. I will give you the home address
    >> >>>> >> once
    >> >>>> >> the estate agent finds a suitable house. I await your reply and
    >> >>>> >> we
    >> >>>> >> can
    >> >>>> >> proceed as you understand that the date of arrival is very close.
    >> >>>> >>
    >> >>>> >> Thanks
    >> >>>> >> Latavia Gatewood

    I replied and said I sent my email in the first response.. Didn’t hear back for over a month… Got this:

    >> >>>> I’m sorry i have not written you in a long time now.I hope you can
    >> >>>> get
    >> >>>> to let me know if you’re still interested in the caregiver job
    >> >>>> because
    >> >>>> i have been ill all these while i had to delay and hold on for
    >> >>>> everything i planned for.
    >> >>>>
    >> >>>> I hope to hear from you today so that i can send out your first
    >> >>>> payment for the preparation neccesary.
    >> >>>> Thanks.
    >> >>>> Latavia
    >> >>>>
    >> >>>> (360) 447-8264 ——-you can text me here.

    I than asked if she could prove it was not a scam and she got very upset:
    How do you want me to prove it .I already told you that i’m still
    >> > looking for someone to do this job and just thought i should ask if
    >> > you’re still available and interested in doing it since i have kept
    >> > you waiting before now.
    >> >
    >> > Well pls let me know asap if you’re interested or i should just go
    >> > ahead and look for someone else

    So I said ok.. I’ll see whats gonna happen next..
    I get this email a few days ago:
    Thanks for the cooperation and understanding regarding these job.
    >> Thanks once again for your wanting to do this for me as i really
    >> appreciate it. You will start work as soon as possible after hearing
    >> from the housing broker in charge of getting the apartment will be
    >> situated close to the address you have given to me in your details
    >> latest by weekend after receiving the first pay
    >> upfront.

    She then just texted me and said she sent an email with the instructions:

    How are you doing? I want to inform you that the payment will deliver to you today Via USPS Tracking Number(9101969010386888523649). I want you to follow the instructions below once you have received the payment as the apartment is 6 miles to you. Here is the instructions to follow:

    1, You should go ahead and Deposit the check into your account and leave it for 24 to 48 hours to clear into your account.

    2, Deduct your first week pay $500 and $100 for the supplies you are to buy.

    3. you are to send the sum of $2600 to the Realtor. Note that the Money Gram and Western Union charges will be deducted from the remaining money you are to send to the Realtor. Youwill send $1600 Via MoneyGram and $1000 Via Western union and charges

    should be deducted from each fund sent. Here is the Realtor information.

    Name : Miranda Hill

    Address: 2905 Brunswick Ave

    City: New Bern

    State: NC

    Zip Code : 28562

    Immediately the transfer is done you will be given the following details below for the confirmation of fund sent.

    1. Sender’s Name:

    2. Sender’s Address:

    3. Amount charged for transferring/ Exact Amount Sent.

    4. Reference Number(8 digits number) and Money Control Number(10 digit number)

    5. Scan copy of the receipts to my email will be appreciated

    Thanks and have a nice day

    I replyed and told her I don’t have a bank account (cause I refuse to deposit a random check in my account) and she said I have to make one. That’s whent I googles the scams and ohhh here she is!! So now apperntly there is a UPS check being sent to my house..

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