Alexander Nebre/Al’s Construction Honolulu – Con Artist. Scams the Elderly. Liar!

Alexander Nebre/Al’s Construction Honolulu, Unlicensed Contractor, lurks into small business, scams the elderly with his scamming routine “you can trust me CRAP”. He will wipe you out instantly if you let him! Alert Authorities immediately, he had many complaints, but our state does not do a damn thing about it. BBB reported, but they are usless also, WIMPS! Small business, hard working people don’t deserve to be treated with way by Alexander Nebre, He doesn’t give a sh**!

3 thoughts on “Alexander Nebre/Al’s Construction Honolulu – Con Artist. Scams the Elderly. Liar!

  1. Hope all you homeowners in Honolulu or wherever he is, are reading all the scam reports about this LOSER Alexander Nebre, I know some people that were scam by him and elderly homeowners and businesses. Call the police ASAP, He is an unlicensed contractor. Insecure lowlife.

  2. Thank you for posting this information. His wife and her daughter are involved in this also. Stacey Toguchi. I have also filed with the BBB and the Contractors License Board. This is why I no longer trust or want to help small businesses. I yelled at him for opening other worms without finishing the simple thing he came to do. He kept needing more materials. I stopped him after and told him go away and not to come back. It cost me more to clean up his mess!

  3. Justice will prevail. Just found this info online.

    of the Dept. of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, Defendant: Alexander Nebre individually and dba Al’s Construction, Amount: $228,466, Winner: plaintiff, Caseno: C-12-1-1362,


    The Court ordered Defendant to be enjoined from engaging in the business of a contractor untilhe obtains a license pursuant to HRS Chapter 444.

    Alexander Nebre individually $88,980.00 fine, 06-27-13
    and dba Al’s Construction $48,497.00 restitution,
    (Honolulu) $75,919.50 restitution,
    $62,600.00 restitution,
    $17,550.00 restitution,
    default judgment and
    permanent injunction

    Hope I see more on him, maybe lock him up so he can no longer harm anyone else.

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