Almost got scammed

I was searching for a car and came acrossed a deal too good to be true! Here are the emails between the two of us.

Hi again,

  Thank you, the car is located in Great Falls MT at DAS ( Dependable Auto Shippers ) headquarters, in the container, sealed and ready for  shipping. You will have 10 days so you can inspect the car. Once you have inspected the car and decided to keep it, you will confirm your decision to eBay and only then they will re-route the money in to my account, but if by any reason, you won’t be satisfied with the car you can return it back for a full refund of your money. I will take care of the shipping, don’t worry. You will receive the car with all the  necessary papers (clear title, bill of sale, user’s manual, insurance etc).
Just get back with your full name and full shipping address and I will get everything started as soon as possible, then eBay will contact you with further instructions.
Hope to hear soon from you.
 Thanks a lot
On Thu, Feb 2, 2012 at 4:38 AM, shawna riley <[email protected]> wrote:

I am so sorry for your loss I couldnt image lossing a child. I would love to buy this car from you as soon as possible, to get in off your hands. Im expecting taxes on the 8th. The only concern I have is Iv never bought anything off the internet and I know nothing about eBays Buyers Protection Program. I hope you understand my fear. If it is possible I have a machanic cousin that is has already agreed to look at any car Im interested in. I understand your busy and I would be more than happy to work around your schedule. If we could please do a face to face money transaction it would make me feel so much safer and I would try not to take up too much of your time.

From: Antonia Harris <[email protected]>
To: [email protected]
Sent: Wed, February 1, 2012 6:16:50 PM
Subject: RE: 2005 Toyota Corolla S

  The car is in perfect condition, no electric problems, no accidents/liens/loans. No scratches, never been repainted. I have all the car manuals, title,documents. I’m selling this car because my child of only 19 died 4 months ago in a car accident,a drunk driver hit him and his fiancee. He was with his fiance’s car coming to our home at his little brother birthday of 10 years old. The car belonged to my son and it brings me bad memories and that’s the reason I want to sell it. The last price is $2,000. Me and my husband travel a lot with our business and we want to make this deal through eBay’s Buyer Protection Program.I just need your full name,full shipping address, home/cell # so I can open a case.(with no further obligation or fees).eBay will contact you with all the Transaction/shipping details you will need.We will take care of the shipping so don’t worry.
Mileage :67,000
Body Style :Sedan
Exterior Color :Black
Interior Color :Black
Engine :4 Cylinder
Transmission :Automatic
Drive Type :2 wheel drive
Fuel Type :Gasoline
Doors Four Door
Thank you for your time,
Antonia and John Harris
Here you can see some pictures with the car:

6 thoughts on “Almost got scammed

  1. I almost got scammed too same story different car unbelievable I was sympathetic too. I sent her my address why is that bad??? She sent me a fake eBay receipt asking for my info for payment I knew it was fake so never sent her any of that info

  2. NO, I am so sorry, but she just got scammed. I got scammed by some people in China who pretended to have an electronics wholesale company. I sent them several thousand dollars by Western Union. You can guess the rest. I never received any product and lost my money. Lately, Craigs list has been cautioning people about sending money by Western Union, PayPal, and Money orders. These people are elaborate scammers.

  3. Kelle , thanks for getting back to us.
    Let me give you all the details about this transaction and how we can complete it through eBay’s Vehicle Protection Program. First thing you need to send the payment to eBay Motors Representative. Once they have checked your payment, if everything is ok, they will notify us to start the shipping process. Once you receive the car, you have 15 days time for inspection. After this 15 days period if you agree to keep it you will have to notify eBay to forward us the payment, but if you don’t like the car, the shipping company will take it back (on our expense) and eBay will give you a full refund, but I’m sure you will love our jeep and this won’t happen. This way you will see and inspect the car before we get paid. eBay Motors actually holds the money until buyer is satisfied with the vehicle.It’s also a fair way to complete online deals.
    If you are ready to start this transaction with us just e-mail me your complete details (full name and the address where the car will be shipped). I will forward your details to eBay and after they will open a case we will receive from eBay an invoice with all the details about our deal.


    On Thu, Oct 18, 2012 at 9:46 AM, Kelle wrote:

    We would like to purchase the vehicle. Please call my husband Daniel at 561-400-7529 as soon as you can to set up the particulars. and again thank you.


    From: annben Garner
    To: Kelle
    Sent: Thursday, October 18, 2012 11:28 AM
    Subject: Re: 2004 Jeep

    Hi Kelle , thanks for your interested in our Jeep.
    For more pictures with the Jeep use the link below:

    First of all I would like to inform you about the location of the vehicle Great Falls, MT. This Jeep has 107,000 miles and never been in a wreck, never been painted on and has no dings, dents or scratches, also no mechanical problems. It has been garaged so the factory paint is spotless and shiny.
    This is my personal vehicle, title in my name/hand and there are no liens or loans on it.
    I was fired from my job and now we are in a hurry to find a buyer because we are in debts with the bank. My husband is a Dependable Auto Shippers employee and he can deliver the car with NO costs anywhere in the US.
    The transaction will be managed by eBay, so everything will go smooth. You will receive the jeep for inspection before you make any payment to us. If you want me to reserve the car for you, just let me know. Final Price $2,500 (shipping included).

    Joann and Ben

    — I called DAS and they have no knowledge of him working there and they have no location in MT. Go figure….

  4. Just almost got scammed by the annben Garner received the exact same email as they sent to Kelle. Thought it was strange when we seen the listing on Craigslist and the email was saying about eBay. I would really like to type what I am thinking right now but that would be making me stoop down do these scammers level. They are nothing but low life bottom feeders.

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