craigslist scam 2007 acura tl type s $3900

here is one i almost got caught in right now, but i didnt research and find this site until i gave her my name, address and number. I didnt give here any other info though. i am glad i thought to get on here and look it up. can anything be done if thats all the info of mine she has?

first email
[email protected] Hi,
My 2007 Acura TL TYPE S with only 25.000 miles is in great shape,no engine problems,damages or hidden defects. It was always garaged. I`m a single mother with 2 children because I divorced my husband. After the divorce I got this beautiful car but I don`t need it and that`s why i`m selling it so cheap. The total price is $3,900 including shipping and handling. I have recently moved to Canada after the divorce and I took the car with me, that is why i am sending it from here. The car still has US papers with a clear title so you will not have to pay any Customs taxes. The sale will be through eBay’s Protection Program for our safety. Your money will be transferred to me from ebay only after you will drive, test the car and sign the contract.
Remember that time is an issue for me and I received many emails regarding the car, so please contact me to start transaction through ebay asap.
Here are some pictures from the car:
Have a nice day!

second email

Hi again,

The car is already at the shipping company in Toronto Canada sealed and ready for shipping. Shipping will take 4-5 days.I have a contract with eBay so this deal must go through them. I’m very busy with my job, so this is the reason why I chose to sell my car over the Internet.
Here is how it will work:
1. First of all I will need from you is the following details:
– Full Name
– Full Shipping Address
– Phone Number
2. After I will receive the info, I will forward them to eBay.
3. They will process your info and will send us both invoices. eBay will send you the details on how to make a refundable payment.
4. They holds the funds until the car is delivered to buyer, inspected and the buyer confirms that he received the car in the described condition. According with the eBay you have 5 days from the time you receive the car to inspect it and decide if you want to keep it or not.
5.If you for any reason will not like the car (but i assure you that will not happening) eBay will refund the money and I will instruct the shipping company to store the car until I will find a new buyer.Is not necessary to ship the car back .
If you wish to make the transaction, please send me the necessary info so that we can proceed.
I look forward to hear from you!
Thank you,

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  1. I got scammed on this. If anyone has any useful information about them please let me know. I got scammed about 4 days ago and now the police and FBI are involved and will probably never catch these horrible people. Im heartbroken and out of $4000. Please dont reply to them!!

  2. I was looking at a jeep on Craig’s list and got the same exact email I fell in love with this jeep then realized I couldn’t get it thank god I didn’t go through with it I realized it was a scam just minutes ago when I replied to another car add and got the same exact then I goggled it and this was the first site to pop up. why can’t people just be serious on there it’s ridiculous! heres the car I was looking at and replied to

  3. i too got scammed on craigslist over a jeep add…note to self if they say the transaction is being completed via Ebay , go to Ebay and check it out…there is a big posting on Ebay that shows you this scam with examples of the ‘fake’ invoices you receive, etc….never wire transfer $$ directly to people or use Western Union, Ebay NEVER requests this. Live n Learn…these people have no respect for other people and I believe they will get theirs one day. Thank you for this forum, hopefully people will read these posts before it’s too late like the rest of us…

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